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dab cart


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Dab Carts

Dab carts have taken the budding legal cannabis market to new highs. The main reason behind their popularity is that oil cartridges provide unprecedented convenience and discretion for cannabis consumers.


Let’s look into what dab carts are, how they are made, what kinds there are, and everything else you may need to know.


They refer to prefilled or refillable oil cartridges. A ‘dab’ is a waxy cannabis concentrate and ‘cart’ is short for cartridge.


So dab carts are basically vaporizer oil cartridges filled with cannabis oil. The cartridge itself is made up of a storage tank, a small atomizer coil, and a mouthpiece


The cart connects to a battery, most often (but not exclusively) via a 510 threaded connection. Some vapes come with a magnetic connector, that you screw onto the cart and simply slide into the vape. Other vapes have a 510 thread and you need to screw your cartridge in.


Either way, once your cart is connected to your 29ou are ready to vape. In fact, all you have to do is press a button and inhale. Actually, with some vapes, you don’t even have to press a button, simply inhale and enjoy the vapor.


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