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hhc carts

What is HHC?

HHC is a newly discovered all-natural rare cannabinoid extracted from hemp seeds and pollen. HHC provides a smooth relaxing experience with a pleasant sense of euphoria while supporting pain and anxiety relief, and restful sleep.

Is HHC Legal?

Yes, it is! it is naturally derived from hemp with only trace amounts of total THC.  Because of that, there is little to no risk of HHC products testing hot. So according to the 2018 Farm Bill HHC products are perfectly legal on the federal and state level.



Cannabinoid receptors and HHC

HHC has shown to have an extremely high binding affinity for CB1 and CB2 Cannabinoid receptors in your body, and it is a potent cannabinoid in vitro and in vivo.

HHC has three chiral centers, hhc carts meaning it has three different forms of it. These forms are called enantiomers, and they are essentially mirror images of each other. The three enantiomers of HHC have different effects on the body, depending on which chiral center they bind to.

  • The first chiral center is C1. If HHC binds to this chiral center, it will activate the CB1 receptor.
  • The second chiral center is C2. If HHC binds to this chiral center, it will activate the CB2 receptor.
  • The third chiral center is C3. If HHC binds to this chiral center, it will not activate either the CB1 or CB2 receptor.

The differences between the three enantiomers of HHC are important because they show that HHC can bind to two different receptors (CB1 and CB2), but it can only activate one of them (CB1). This means that HHC can potentially treat two conditions at once: a condition related to the immune system and a condition related to the CNS and cardiometabolic disorders. 


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