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Sauce bars carts


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What is a Sauce Cartridge?

Sauce bars carts When it comes to filling vape cartridges with cannabis oil, the method of extraction from plant to oil dictates what is juice, and what is sauce. While juice extraction uses heat and sometimes extraction agents, sauce is sort of like the cold brew of the cannabis oil world. It is extracted slower and without heat, meaning what’s inside the cartridge is extra ripe oil that maintains many of the favorable plant properties that are lost when oil is extracted by heating.

Go Pax Era or Go Home

Our budtenders make sure that all of our products meet a really high standard, so that you’re getting quality cannabis products delivered to your door in the Los Angeles area. Quality is key for us when it comes to our selection of products, so when we first tried Pax Pods we were blown away by the elegant design, powerful draw and superior sauce-induced high they provided.

Your first stop on the GRASSDOOR sauce journey is to get yourself a Pax Era Device which we’ll happily add to your next order. Having sold millions of devices over the last decade, Pax is one if not the most trusted personal vape pens on the market. Made from exquisite scratch-proof aluminum, Pax Era comes with a 10 year warranty and rechargeable battery. Combining dual-wick technology with leak-resistant pods, Pax Era delivers a taste that’s flavourful as well as consistent.


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